Dodge meteors + collect gems in a modern port of a classic Apple IIe game.

Back Story:

When I was a kid, back in 1991, my friend had written a game called 'Meteor', based on a one-line BASIC program he copied from an old copy of BYTE magazine. He taught me how it worked, and I wrote my own version based on his teachings. (That guy, Jim Crawford, went on to write an awesome game called Frog Fractions that you should totally play!)

As far as I can tell, there are no ports of this game in existence on the internet, so I decided to make one, and pass forward not only the experience of playing, but also the open-source, fast-iteration nature of its gameplay. I didn't have access to a cross-platform web-based terminal framework, so I decided to hack up a pseudo-terminal within JavaScript that allows me to implement the game in a way very similar to the original Apple IIe version.

I hope you enjoy it, and PLEASE be sure to save it to disk and poke around in its guts! It's easy to mod, and I would love to see what people can build off of it.

Tags8-Bit, Retro, terminal
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
LinksSource code